Wednesday, February 26, 2014


When I originally posted the quote below I didn't include the paragraph you're reading now and didn't mention that Superintendent Richard Carranza was the speaker of the quote which is an excerpt from his introductory speech at the Administrator's Institute from last June.  I wanted to see how people would react.  Replacing the word "superintendent" on a couple of occasions  to hide the identity of the speaker, I sought to demonstrate how people process the views, opinions and attitudes of others based on their political affiliations or preconceived notions. Some people naturally assumed I wrote it and derided me for it.  What is clear is this: Superintendent Carranza  expressed opposition to a suspension ban on the principle that it's disrespectful to his administrators. Nonetheless, he was supportive of the Board's decision to impose a ban. What do you think this says about the  Superintendent?  Is it fair to say the Superintendent had an understandable change of heart? Is this a case of pure hypocrisy or is it something else?  I'm curious to hear what you have to say. I my opinion I can appreciate a change of mind or heart. I cannot appreciate a change of heart about  what is respectful. This has more to do with character and morals and is not situational.

"I've been a teacher. I know what these kids are like. I wanted to smack one or two up side the head. Absolutely. I get it. But I'm the adult. If I'm putting that kid out of school am I contributing to that kid's prison life time? I don't know. I'm struggling with this. As your Superintendent, as an educator, as your educating buddy,  I'm struggling with this because, right now, I know that I could just say, "administrators, there will be zero suspensions for willful defiance for the rest of this school year." How do you think that would feel? Five urban superintendents have done that....But because I've been a teacher, because I've been a principal, you know what? It's so disrespectful in my humble opinion."